and professional services

Our company provides Outsourcing and personalized professional services with highly effective management, capable of delivering results in the shortest possible time.
We design and implement the best strategies to meet the expectations of the different requirements of our clients.
We are experts in the search for profiles associated with the field of telecommunications and purposes, such as Engineers with PM or PMI certifications, Engineers specialized in different areas (Design, project control, project managers, etc.) field technicians, administrative in the areas of costs, control of materials, permits, among others.

 Throughout our experience, we have managed with our collaborators, to consolidate the most critical processes of our clients and to be a contribution within the operation, backed by the quality indexes

Through our temporary services, you will be able to cover personnel requirements in your discharge periods, replacements for vacations or medical leave, for the concept of product launches or implementation of new projects, as well as occasional increases in activity.

Within our services we offer:

  • A recruitment and selection area, with standardized processes that allow finding related profiles for various areas in the shortest possible time.
  • Professional specialized in Organizational and Labor Psychology, who performs the corresponding Psycho-labor exams for the presentation of each candidate.
  • Updated database with profiles for each level, specialty, experience and performance area.
  • Equip each selected resource with computer equipment, software, vehicle, materials, tools and personal protective equipment (Epps), as the position warrants.
  • Facilitate the hiring of foreign personnel, with due protection in legal terms.
  • If the client wishes, they can participate in conducting interviews.
  • Be a communicative link to keep the client informed and postulant about the details of the process.
  • We work with a guarantee of satisfaction and replacement of the resource at no cost.
  • Legal advice for the client.


Emblematic services

We have had a presence in the Outsourcing and professional services area in large telecommunications companies such as:
Participation in different projects for Claro, Telefónica and mining companies Escondida BHP Billiton, CODELCO, Quebrada Blanca, among others, providing services of:

  • IPRAN Technician
  • Administrative Support
  • Project Assistant
  • Contract administrator
  • Risk prevention
  • Field Engineer
  • Site Supervisor
  • Supervising Technician
  • Project Coordinator
  • Quality Manager

  • Project Analyst
  • Rollout Manager
  • As Built Reviewer
  • Calculator
  • Core Engineer
  • Field Manager Support
  • Field Service Engineer
  • Field Manager IT
  • Tesla Integrator

Participation in the areas of construction, design, internal plant, Civil Works, Real Estate control and planning

  • Analysis and control of guarantee tickets
  • Analysis and control of Contracts
  • Analysis and control of Materials
  • Budget analysis and control
  • Support analysis and control (Rollback)
  • Analysis and quality control
  • Analysis and control of projects

  • Assists / Backoffice
  • GIS Analyst
  • GIS Draftsman
  • Control and management of P1 and P2 permits
  • Infrastructure project coordinator
  • Fiber Optic deployment project coordinator.

Participation in the area of ​​Logistics, External Plant Engineering, Last Mile, CORE and Transportation

  • Provision and enablement of SAP Network
  • Logistic control
  • Administrative support
  • External network engineering
  • Medium and high capacity network supervision.