As a complement to our services and based on the needs of our clients, we have the possibility of contracting temporary services, as provided by LAW No. 20,123 Art. 183-Ñ:

  1. Suspension of the employment contract or the obligation to provide services, as appropriate, of one or more workers for medical leave, maternity leave or holidays;
  2. Extraordinary events, such as the organization of congresses, conferences, fairs, exhibitions or others of a similar nature;
  3. New and user-specific projects, such as the construction of new facilities, the expansion of existing ones or expansion to new markets; 
  4. Period of beginning of activities in new companies;
  5. Occasional increases, whether periodic or not, or extraordinary in activity in a certain section, task or establishment of the user;
  6. Precise and urgent work that requires immediate execution, such as repairs to the user’s facilities and services.